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Ken Gorman - Author                 
"Mixing history, intrigue and suspense..."             
- Beltway Upheaval - is on sale now!
The exciting follow-up to Patriotic Gamble

Bizarre political events...

A fictional story of presidential actions and conflicts.
Can real transformation happen in the government?

A contingent election in the House of Representatives after no candidate for president garnered 270 electoral votes.

Then, the victorious president resigned suddenly on Inauguration Day.

Is President Granger guilty of concealing a secret about resigned President Atkinsen in order to succeed him?

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Beltway Upheaval Book Cover

- Patriotic Gamble -
Suspense and unexpected turns following the days after a presidential election.

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A political thriller which tells of a presidential election process gone haywire. Bizarre happenings electrify the days and hours leading to the Inauguaration.

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