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Ken Gorman - Author                 
"Mixing history, intrigue and suspense..."             

Reviews for The River's Fortune:
5 stars!!  "...chronicles a deep struggle of self-esteem and confusion that goes right down into the soul..."
"...tragic and triumphant... packed with the wins and losses of a gambler, colored by the search for love."
Reader's Favorite

Reviews for Patriotic Gamble:
"...delivers West Wing style action, full of breathless updates and sharp twists. Readers will emerge rewarded by following the political machinations to their conclusion."
Kirkus Reviews

"...fraught with politics, intrigue, conspiracy, suspense and romance. ..could be ripped from the headlines... if I was setting in on a meeting between the President, his Chief of Staff and an adviser."
Readers Favorite

Reviews for In Honor Of Justice:
"...a riveting story...I come away with a sense of having been part of a great adventure...."
Beth Copeland - Promoting Outstanding Writers, Inc.

"...a futuristic thriller with an original plot - well written and a definite page-turner..."
Writer's Digest


Ken has won awards for his stories and books, such as the Writers's Digest award as runner-up and honorable mention he received in the summer of 2007 for In Honor Of Justice.


Ken attends numerous book signings at bookstores including Books-a-Million, Borders and Barnes & Noble. He regularly meets with writers organizations to discuss his approach to writing and the success of his books.

Praise For Ken's Books

Jill from Florida wrote about River's Fortune:
"Finished your book last night... I was hooked. You've got that Dan Brown technique that keeps you going to the next chapter."

Anne from Florida wrote about Patriotic Gamble:
"I will never look at a Presidential Campaign the same way again!"

Michael from New Jersey wrote about Compelled:
"Well done.... I couldn't put it down! Anyone who has been connected with the military will enjoy this book."

Bill from Florida wrote:
"Great, fast-paced reading! – In Honor Of Justice is an unusual murder mystery in a classic confrontation of the hatred of unbelievers vs. the peace-seeking mission of the believers."

Lynn from Manahawkin, New Jersey wrote:
"Ken Gorman mixes history, intrigue and suspense in his writing. His books were fast reading, and I thouroughly enjoyed [them]. I am looking forward to his next novel!"

Stephanie from Fresno, California wrote:
"I could not put Justice On A Mission down. The characters were real and unforgettable. The story's message was so positive it made be believe someday all people can come together to accept our differences and solve our problems."